Five of Atlanta's best performers...a near-perfect party band

- Southeast Performer

Gutbustingly funny .... a Sloppy mix of Southern rock and the Replacements

- Georgia Music

Inventive performances, a unique sound that begs for its own genre

- The Silver Tongue

Audio of our appearance on Rock 100.5's morning show, The Regular Guys.

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We were also selected by Paste Magazine for a local band showcase on Fox 5's Good Day Atlanta.


The internet has become a very important way to spread the word about new bands. We've been featured on numerous blogs, including Largehearted Boy, Cable & Tweed, Creative Loafing: Crib Notes, Access Atlanta: Atlanta Music Scene, Ohm Park, Kiss Atlanta, Thought Marker, Evil Sponge, Drive a Faster Car, Confessions of a Music Addict, The Silver Tongue Online, Atlanta Music Guide, Metroblogging Atlanta, Amazashow and The AJC Peach Buzz. A few blogs also featured coverage of our performance at Corndogorama 2008.

Places we've played:

The EARL, The Clermont Lounge, Smith's Olde Bar, The 40 Watt Club, Lenny's, Star Bar, The Drunken Unicorn, The Masquerade, to name a few...

Bands we've played with:

mc chris, Jucifer, Peelander Z, The Murder Junkies, They Shoot Horses Don't They?, MC Frontalot, Pleaseeasaur, Zoroaster, Coffin Bound, Ninja Gaiden Band, Bang! Bang!, The Cogburns, Beat Beat Beat, Thee Crucials, Pistolero, The Genders, The Bearfoot Hookers, Whiskey Shit Vomit, Seis Pistos, Fox Trotsky and more...

What we're doing next:

After releasing our debut album Coup d'é Ta-Ta's in January, Attractive Eighties Women have continued to play live shows regularly in Atlanta and around the Southeast. We'll be heading back into the studio soon to record demos of new material, as well as the score to director John Nijhawan's upcoming short film "Dan and a Van".

Press Photos:

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AEW are a group of well known celebrity hotties from the 80's. The band formed on a crisp autumn day in 2005 when the girls got together for an impromptu jam session in Atlanta, GA. Things went so well, the quintet decided to form a band. Their goal? To entertain the masses with their unique brand of comedy-core music while raising breast cancer awareness.

With their wild costumes and on-stage antics, AEW have often been described as "Post-GWAR Kiss revivalists". One eyewitness at an early show claimed the band was "like a tornado of two-hundred Led Zeppelins, out-of-control and bearing down on a South Georgia trailer park... picking up all the hot women and spinning them away to some distant rock n' roll Valahalla."

Attractive Eighties Women have played at many venues throughout Georgia. Mulligan's (a now-defunct Oakhurst establishment) was the first to feel the force of the 80's Ladies. Their performance of the now-classic "Mama, Get a Mammogram" melted both speakers and ear drums with astonishing efficiency. More recently, the ladies have found themselves headlining major Atlanta clubs, including Lenny's, The Drunken Unicorn, Star Bar and The EARL.

AEW were also featured on the Adult Swim ratings-smash Frisky Dingo. Their ode to LARPing, "Lightning Bolt", was prominently featured in the show and on, winning them critical acclaim, college radio airplay and many new fans both in the U.S. and overseas.

Since the band's inception, several members have come and gone, but the core of Attractive Eighties Women is stronger than ever.

Phoebe Cates - (Charismatic Front Woman) Blessed with a stage presence rivaling Mick Jagger, Darby Crash and Bon Scott combined, Phoebe is the lyricist and lead vocalist of AEW. Her scorching delivery and hilarious lyrics are unmatched.

Kelly McGillis - (Lead Axe Goddess) What would it be like if Chuck Berry, Kerry King, Jimi Hendrix and Angus Young had a four-armed guitar-playing freak-baby? Once you've seen Kelly shred at an AEW show you will know. You will know.

Christie Brinkley - (Lieutenant Guitar Sorceress Supreme) After Mia Sara left the band in 2006, Christie jumped at the chance to take over guitar duties. During AEW shows, Christie always keeps several guitars ready to go, since she has been known to regularly melt fret boards with the intensity of her rock chops.

Shelley Long - (Queen of the Four-string) After starring in "Troop Beverly Hills" alongside indie-darling Jenny Lewis, Shelley decided she'd give music a shot as well. After taking bass lessons from the ghost of Cliff Burton, Shelley became a founding member of AEW and regularly brings the thunder.

Carrie Fisher - (Skin-beating Stick Swinger Extraordinaire) Princess Leia is the newest member of AEW and she drums like a Wookiee on acid. She will be wearing her slave bikini to all future shows.

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