Here are a few demos as well as some bootleg live recordings from 2005-2007. These recordings are all very old and very poor in quality. If you want to hear the real shit, grab a copy of one of our albums.

Live at the EARL

April 6, 2007
Titty City
She Made My Heart Walk the Plank
Download the entire show (53 MB zip file).

Live at the Star Bar

Part 1 - December 7, 2006
Master Cylinder
Download the entire show (72 MB zip file).

Part 2 - March 2, 2007
I'm gonna throw a party when you die
They shoot hipsters, don't they?
Yeah Yeah Jager
Mama, Get a Mammogram

Echoplex Sessions

Lightning Bolt (as featured on adult swim's Frisky Dingo)

Waycross Trailer Demos

Walk the Plank

Live at Lenny's

Mama's On Meth

...Truly Outrageous Demos

Mama, Get a Mammogram
Sonic Reducer (by The Dead Boys)
The Consumer

If you want to listen to our newer, better recordings, click here.
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